Reliant Medical Group audiologists are here to help you find out what may be causing your hearing and balance problems. Our audiologists give care to both children and adults. Our Audiology team works closely with Otolaryngology and the Hearing Aid Center.

Our goal is to help our patients improve their hearing and communication through testing of hearing problems. Our audiologists are trained in many different types of hearing loss and vestibular (balance) problems. Each patient gets a full evaluation from one of our licensed, certified audiologists. All treatment recommendations are based on the needs of the patient. If needed, we will refer patients to other physicians for medical and surgical evaluation. Our goal is to help each patient meet their full potential when it comes to their hearing.

Hearing Aid Center

Reliant Medical Group’s Hearing Aid Center offers hearing testing to patients. They also offer fittings of the latest digital hearing aids and assistive listening devices. The Hearing Aid Center is conveniently located at the Worcester Medical Center. Our certified audiologists are in charge of the testing at the Hearing Aid Center.


  • Hearing tests for adults and pediatrics
  • Otoscopy (ear inspection)
  • Hearing aid tests and fittings (at the Hearing Aid Center)
  • Diagnosis of problems with dizziness and balance
  • Ototoxic medication monitoring