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Urgent Care

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Partnering with senior patients and their families to ensure quality care

Care for Seniors

Reliant Medical Group recognizes the importance of the continuum of care as we age. Our Internists and family practitioners have a wealth of experience in caring for people who are 65 and older at many of our medical center locations. They have the advantage of being able to work closely with our more than 100 specialists, providing individualized care for people with acute or chronic conditions. We even provide a group medical visit program for those suffering from diabetes or osteo-arthritis. Whether it’s arthritis, circulatory issues, respiratory disease, dementia, or other health concerns, our caring team of physicians and advanced practitioners is ready to deliver effective, high-quality care with a supportive, patient-centered approach.

Geriatric Specialists

We also have a well-established, long-standing practice specifically designed to treat patients in nursing homes, assisted-living residences, and rehabilitation facilities, as well as in community settings. Reliant Medical Group physicians also serve as medical directors at several local long-term care facilities.

We also recognize that caring families play a key role in helping to ensure positive geriatric health care outcomes. That’s why we place a special emphasis on regular and clear communication with patient families. We work as a team, with patients and families, to ensure that seniors receive the best possible care.

The quality of the health and social services available to older adults and their caregivers can affect their ability to manage chronic conditions and long term care needs effectively.

Reliant Medical Group is pleased to participate in the NaviCare® HMO SNP (Special Needs Plan) an innovative approach to coordinated care for eligible adults 65 and older. NaviCare addresses the health, optimal functioning and quality of life for older adults. For more information about this service, including eligibility, call: NaviCare 1-877-255-7108 (TDD/TTY: 1-877-795-6526) or visit www.navicare.org.

Additionally, Reliant Medical Group accepts Community Plan, a special needs plan for seniors offered by UnitedHealth, call: 1-800 393-0939.

Leaders in Geriatric Care

Reliant Medical Group geriatricians are on the medical staff at St. Vincent Hospital, where one of our physicians serves as program coordinator for residents’ geriatric rotations. Additionally, several providers serve as faculty at the University of Massachusetts Graduate School of Nursing, where our Clinical Director is coordinator of the Gerontological Nurse Practitioner Dual Track program. Our nurse practitioners frequently precept these advanced practice nursing students.


Long-Term Care – Our geriatric team provides a range of health care services to hundreds of residents in local long-term-care facilities.

Skilled Nursing Home Care – We’ve partnered with numerous area nursing homes to provide skilled care for residents. Many facilities have their own Reliant Medical Group geriatrician and advanced practitioner, one of whom is at each location several times a week. This team provides expertise in geriatric, post-hospital, and rehabilitation services.

Assisted Living – Some members of our geriatric team offer care to residents of assisted living facilities and rest homes.

Palliative Care – Our team is also trained to provide comprehensive, empathetic palliative and hospice care that conforms to established principles and ethical standards.

Outpatient Comprehensive Falls Prevention – This program includes screenings by primary care office staff, with referrals to physical therapy for individualized exercise programs and falls prevention strategies, when appropriate. Additionally, staff will review medications, check vision and refer to case management for home safety evaluations if needed.

Home Run Program – This program offers qualified senior patients health care services inside their own home provided by a team of doctors and advanced practitioners. The program is designed to provide care in combination with a patient’s regular visits to their primary care physician (PCP). Patients can continue to see their primary care physician and specialists whenever they need to. To be eligible for the program, patients must have a referral from their primary care physician. The Home Run Program is ideal for many elderly patients because it provides an extra “set of eyes” to look after the patient. Many people benefit from the increased care and attention the program provides.