Achal Aggarwal, MD - Pediatrics

Achal Aggarwal
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“We love seeing families with their first baby.”

Working at Reliant’s office at the Auburn Mall, Dr. Aggarwal finds that being connected to the community he serves makes for better care outcomes. “Patients come to us because they know us, and we know them,” he explains. “Plus here in Auburn, our patients have access to not just our pediatricians and advanced practitioners, but our nurses, a team of behavioral health specialists, and social workers. And if a child is sick or if a parent has other concerns, they can also call us for help and support. All our care is tied together.”

A practicing pediatrician for more than 25 years at Reliant Medical Group, Dr. Aggarwal also has two of his own children, and remembers well how it was being the father of a newborn. It reflects in how he treats his patients. “We love seeing families with their first baby. It’s an exciting process that they are going through, and it’s fun to be a part of that. It is a joy to see the babies grow and change and develop – to treat children at different stages of their life. Whether it is school age kids involved with sports or music, or teenagers thinking about college and jobs and relationships, there is a lot to pediatrics. It’s more than just illness and injuries – it’s the whole social side of medicine.”

Educated at UMass Medical School, Dr. Aggarwal has spent his entire career in pediatrics. “Safety is one of today’s biggest issues in pediatrics. We see many cases in the office that are related to safety issues. A big part of my job involves education. I find out the parents’ concerns. If there is a medical or behavioral issue or problem they’re dealing with, I partner with them, discuss the options and provide feedback. Every family is different – different cultures, different backgrounds. I try to respect and be supportive of those differences as long as it is safe for their child.”

When he’s not practicing medicine, Dr. Aggarwal enjoys spending quality time with his wife, his son and his daughter. He also enjoys traveling.


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