Bency Louidor, MD - Family Practice

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“Family Medicine really appealed to me because I enjoy working with all members of the family..."

Dr. Bency Louidor first became interested in medicine when she was a young girl visiting her grandparents during summers in Haiti. Her grandfather, who once had been active and vibrant, had suffered a series of strokes that left him confined to a wheelchair. “I remember being just 10 or 11 when that happened and it really made an impact on me,” she explains. “I saw how someone’s health could really affect their family and everyone around them. The experience really shaped my interest in medicine and helped put me on the road to becoming a physician.”

In her practice at Reliant Dr. Louidor has a big interest in women’s health as well as adolescent health. One of the things she enjoys the most about being a Family Practice physician is providing care for multigenerational families. “Family Medicine really appealed to me because I enjoy working with all members of the family, from young children to grandparents. I really enjoy getting to know my patients and forming close relationships with them.”

One of the most common problems Dr. Louidor deals with in her practice is obesity. “It’s a very sensitive subject for most people,” she explains. “So I make a point of just asking them about their diet and lifestyle and coach patients in formulating a health plan that will work for them. People think that you have to spend a lot of money to eat healthy but that’s not really accurate. You can eat healthier on a budget, and that can make all the difference when it comes to achieving a healthier lifestyle.”

Dr. Louidor enjoys getting to know her patients and learning about what is going on in their lives. “Knowing about the socioeconomic barriers patients may be dealing with will tailor my approach on how I deliver care to them. For instance, if someone is coming to me because they need treatment for their hypertension and they can’t afford their medication, it’s going to affect their care. That’s why good communication is so important with each and every patient.”

When she is not busy helping patients, Dr. Louidor enjoys spending time with her family, exercising, hiking, reading, and listening to podcasts and audio books.


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