Jill Ginisi, PMHNP - Behavioral Health

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Jill started her career as a registered nurse before deciding to become an advanced practitioner specializing in psychiatry. “I have had a passion for psychiatry for a long time,” she explains. “I started my career as a registered nurse and worked in many different areas, including outpatient psychiatrics. That really set me on the road to becoming an advanced practice registered nurse in psychiatry.”

Jill believes that developing a trusting relationship along with good communication is the key to success with her patients. “I like to view the individual as a whole because each person is unique and can require different needs. Incorporating the patient into the treatment plan is very important because if the patient is not on board, the plan becomes more challenging and may not be successful,” she explains.

In her work at Reliant, Jill finds it very satisfying to see patients make progress throughout their course of treatment. “When they first arrive, I see them at a very vulnerable time in their lives. Being able to work closely with patients and see them overcome their mental health problems is very rewarding to me.”

According to Jill, mental health is just as important as medical care, because a healthy mind aids in a better quality of life which is the ultimate goal. Although medication is my specialty, incorporating other techniques along with medication can be very beneficial for some patients. The biggest challenge is when medication alone does not ‘fix’ the problem. Medications can be a tremendous help but both the patient and provider need to work to reach the desired goal and at times incorporate other resources.”

In her spare time Jill enjoys being with her family and her dogs. She especially likes fall activities; the holidays, and camping on Cape Cod during the spring and summer months.


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