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Joshua Demers
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A graduate of the University of New England, Joshua enjoys the blend of science and creativity that it takes to be a successful therapist.

Joshua became interested in Occupational Therapy to help others improve their functional independence and return to the activities they enjoy the most. Joshua chose hand therapy as his area of expertise because hands are so vital to daily living. “Without the function of one’s hands, it becomes an immense challenge to complete even the simplest tasks,” he explains. “To be able to help someone restore use of their hand or arm following injury or surgery is highly rewarding.” In his work at Reliant Joshua takes a patient-centered approach to care. “I strive to identify what is causing the patient the most difficulty and develop a focused treatment plan to target those specific needs,” he explains. “I have found that framing rehabilitation therapy around functional goals is motivating for patients and helps them better engage in their home exercise plans.”

While hand therapy is Joshua’s passion, he also has experience working with patients in other areas including medical/surgical and intensive care. Joshua knows that not all treatments work perfectly for everyone, so he carefully tailors different exercises, fabricates orthoses and modifies activities to better suit a patient’s individual needs.

In his spare time Joshua enjoys playing soccer, snowboarding, cooking and hiking. He is a member of Pi Theta Epsilon, the National Occupational Therapy Honor Society.