Kerrie McFeeters, NP - Pediatrics

Kerrie McFeeters
Only accepting newborns and siblings of current patents.

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“I really love children and find the developmental process to be quite fascinating.”

Kerrie McFeeters began her career as a nurse at Children’s Hospital before transitioning to become a nurse practitioner. “I’ve known since a young age that I wanted to work with children,” she explains. “When I started college I was interested in becoming a therapist who worked with children dealing with chronic illnesses like cancer. Eventually I decided to pursue a career in medicine and felt as though the nurse practitioner role was better suited to me.”

Kerrie decided to practice in Pediatrics because she loved working with children. “I really love children and find the developmental process to be quite fascinating. It’s very rewarding for me to be a trusted advisor to families and watching how their children grow from infancy through adolescence.” Kerrie enjoys providing holistic medicine, which means treating the whole person and their family, and ensuring both their physical and emotional health. Kerrie is also a big believer in preventative health. Some of the typical things she helps patients with are gynecological exams, common childhood communicable diseases, removing warts, preventative care and physical exams. In her practice she also treats minor injuries, menstrual disorders, asthma, depression, anxiety and ADHD.

Each day Kerrie looks forward to working with the other members of the care team and enjoys the teamwork and trust they share. “We all work really well together as part of a cohesive team. Having the ability to connect with a person’s whole care team and having access to the entire medical record really helps me see the big picture and provide the best possible care for the patient.”

In her spare time Kerrie enjoys reading as much as she can. She also loves to run, which she does for exercise and stress relief. Kerrie is also a mother, and enjoys watching her son play soccer as well as reading him a good story at bedtime.


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