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Louis Jenis
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“One of the great aspects of being an orthopedic spine surgeon is that we can impact a patient’s life considerably.”

Dr. Louis Jenis was always fascinated by human anatomy and how it functions which eventually led him to medical school and a career as an orthopedic surgeon. “My first clinical rotation as a medical student was on the spine service at Boston University. Witnessing the tragedy of young people suffering spinal cord injuries and seeing how the surgical teams stabilized the patient to get them functional again, really stimulated me to go into the direction of spine surgery,” he explains.

Dr. Jenis treats patients who are having pain, sensation changes and/or weakness caused by spinal conditions. He specializes in performing procedures in the neck and back including microdiscectomy, laminectomy, and minimally invasive fusion to help patients. According to Dr. Jenis, a critical determinant of a successful surgical outcome is based on having realistic expectations. “It’s very important for the surgeon to understand what the patient expects out of a surgical procedure and for the patient to understand what surgery can accomplish. Is it pain relief, is it restored function, or both? If you align the patient’s goal with the surgical goal, that’s when you have the best chance of achieving a good outcome,” he explains.

One of the things Dr. Jenis enjoys the most about his specialty is that he can have an immediate impact on patients. “One of the great things about orthopedic spine surgery is that following early recovery and healing, the patient can experience significant improvement quickly. If you can relieve pain and improve function, it really impacts their daily life and it’s very rewarding to accomplish that and then start focusing on maintenance of a healthy spine.”

Dr. Jenis says that most spinal problems that people experience is due to wear and tear over the years. “There is also a genetic component to spinal conditions. Some of us seem pre-determined to wear out quicker and feel more symptoms than others. I strive to help my patients treat their problem in an appropriate way. That’s why I focus on education and discussing all treatment options. Surgery isn’t the answer for everybody, but for some it can make a big difference. I have such fulfillment when a patient comes in for a post-operative visit and tells me, ‘You changed my life,’ that’s really special for me.”

When he is not busy helping patients Dr. Jenis enjoys playing golf, cooking, and being with his family. “If I was not a spine surgeon, I think I would have become a chef. I really love experimenting in the kitchen.”


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