Nancy Parikh, PT - Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine

Nancy Parikh
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Nancy has always had an interest in helping people and finds her work as a physical therapist highly satisfying because it gives her the opportunity to make a difference and improve the health of others.

In her practice at Reliant Nancy believes in promoting optimum health and function by identifying all the factors that can interfere with a person’s quality of life. She is always highly responsive to the individual needs and well being of each patient she works with. By using guided exercises and other practices she can help people reach their maximum level of overall function.

Nancy utilizes evidence-based therapeutic exercises as well as manual therapy to support and improve patient functioning. She enjoys diagnosing and treating individuals of all ages and helping them overcome their inability to move and perform functional activities.

Using her expertise, Nancy can assist patients using neurodevelopmental techniques, manual therapy, and myofascial release. She treats all manner of problems including musculoskeletal issues and orthopedic disorders. She also offers clinical diagnosis and management of the shoulder and knee joint; osteoporosis prevention; sports therapy for injuries in the upper and lower body like tendinitis and bursitis; rehabilitation for hip, shoulder and knee-replacement surgery; therapy for fractures, ligament injuries, as well as spinal stenosis, spinal fusion, herniated discs, joint and muscle issues, small fiber neuropathy, impingement, and aftercare for heart surgery, COPD, pneumonia and other problems.

When she is not busy with patients Nancy likes to spend time with her kids and enjoys meditating, working out, doing yoga, watching movies, and socializing with friends.


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