Neha Esmaeili, MD - Pediatrics

Neha Esmaeili
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"One of the best things about pediatrics is that you can help someone build healthy habits at a young age…”

Growing up in Georgia, Dr. Neha Esmaeili took a lot of inspiration from her father who immigrated from India and worked as a pediatrician in the US. “I was inspired by his work, as he loved helping children and improving the health and well-being of the community,” she explains. “I, too, have always loved working with children and adolescents which led to my interest in teaching a service and virtues-based class for them since high school. As I got older, I knew I wanted to become a pediatrician like my father.”

 Dr. Esmaeili’s philosophy of care is both family-centered and holistic. She recognizes that parents know their children better than anyone and can be their best advocates. She states, “The patient and family’s needs are at the center of the care I provide so that we are able to consult together to address any concerns that may arise. I aim to have a holistic approach to support their physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual well-being.” 

 One of Dr. Esmaeili’s special interests is helping teenagers navigate adolescence and any challenges that might arise. She has noticed that one of the things parents worry about the most is their children entering adolescence. “I think this time of life can be a cause of stress for some families. I don’t view the period of adolescence as something negative, but more as a time that offers a lot of great potential. I think pre-teens and teenagers have lots of wonderful qualities, and if we nurture them in the right ways it can lead to positive behaviors.”

 Another one of her interests is helping patients develop healthy lifestyle habits such as eating nutritious food and exercising daily. “One of the best things about pediatrics is that you can help someone build healthy habits at a young age that can help them avoid chronic health problems like diabetes and hypertension when they get older.”

 Dr. Esmaeili encourages her patients that have access to technology to use them in ways that can positively benefit them. “For instance, if a patient needs to take a medication regularly, having a reminder notification on their phone can help,” she explains. “There are also some good mindfulness apps out there. In our Pediatric clinics, we have a virtual care mental health resource called Bend available to patients interested in quick access to a team of coaches, therapists and psychiatrists. So, there are a number of ways we can use technology to help people.” 

 In her spare time Dr. Esmaeili likes to play the guitar and sing. She was a theatre major in high school, and she continues to love plays, movies, and musicals. She and her husband also enjoy board games, puzzles, and participating in community-building, service activities.


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