Patan Gultawatvichai, MD - Hematology/Oncology

Patan Gultawatvichai
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“We are now treating cancer at the molecular level.”

Volunteering at a local hospital when he was young helped Dr. Patan Gultawatvichai (Dr. G) decide that becoming a doctor was the right choice for him. “As a kid, I always liked to help people. After doing some volunteer work, I knew I could make a difference as a physician, so that’s why I applied to medical school,” he explains.

After graduating from medical school with honors in Bangkok, Dr. Gultawatvichai worked as a general practitioner for four years. He also ran a 100-bed hospital as a deputy director before taking subspecialty medical training in the US.

Dr. Gultawatvichai first became interested in oncology when he was a medical resident. “I got to know several cancer patients at that time – many of whom I cared for throughout their journey,” he explains. “I could see how the treatments made them feel better and improved their quality of life. It was also good to see how their families benefited from the care.”

Dr. Gultawatvichai always reminds his patients that they are never fighting cancer alone. “I work to ensure that my patients will receive the best and most timely treatments. As an oncologist, besides treating cancer patients with chemotherapy, I also help patients coordinate their care among multidisciplinary teams, such as surgeons, radiation oncologists, interventional radiologists, and other subspecialties.”

In his practice, Dr. Gultawatvichai is encouraged by the latest treatments in cancer care. “We are now treating cancer at the molecular level,” he explains. “Most cancer treatments are customized to maximize the clinical benefit and minimize the treatment toxicities simultaneously. It is fascinating that more studies could identify patients with rectal and esophageal cancer who could potentially avoid surgical interventions.”

According to Dr. Gultawatvichai the cancer field has advanced a lot thanks to clinical trials. “The clinical trial is one the greatest tools to fight cancer. I strongly advocate for my patients if they would benefit from enrolling in a trial. I like spending time with my patients until they feel comfortable choosing the most suitable treatment options.”

Dr. Gultawatvichai is on the faculty at UMass Chan Medical School as an assistant professor and has been heavily involved in the teaching program. “I like to educate the younger generation of doctors and other providers. I also served the scientific community by leading several clinical trials as a principal investigator and writing multiple chapters in renowned medical textbooks.”

Dr. Gultawatvichai enjoys traveling with his wife and two daughters when he is not busy with his patients. He also enjoys running to stay in shape.


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