Samantha Minski, PhD - Behavioral Health

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A graduate of the University of Florida, Dr. Minski is a psychologist who specializes in health psychology and integrated primary care. She is dedicated to providing short and long-term therapy including cognitive-behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, relaxation training, motivational interviewing and mindfulness strategies. “My treatment approach is based on the needs of the patient,” she explains. “I aim to provide care that is centered on the individual and sensitive to their unique background and characteristics.” Dr. Minski helps patients suffering from depression, anxiety, chronic illness, stress associated with situational concerns, as well as marital and family discord. “As a health psychologist, I value the mind-body connection and have a specific interest in working with patients to make lifestyle changes, including weight management, substance use, and chronic pain. I also have a strong clinical interest in LGBTQ issues, transgender care, and gender and sexual identity.”

Dr. Minski finds primary care an exciting place to work because it gives her the opportunity to meet patients in real time with the support of a medical team. “The model of care we have at Reliant allows me to become a point of access for adults who otherwise would not be exposed to the benefits of behavioral health,” she explains. Dr. Minski strives to understand each patient she treats and create a supportive, non-judgmental relationship with them. She also considers the impact of life outside the clinic on her patients and is always open to the benefit of having loved ones join in a session. “I aim to provide compassionate, holistic care and do so by collaborating with my patients and their medical team.” In her spare time Dr. Minski enjoys exploring New England, hiking with her dog, and learning to cook.


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