Saqib Chaudhary, MD - Hospital Medicine

Saqib Chaudhary
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“I really enjoy the hands-on aspect of being a hospitalist...”

Growing up in a medical family, Dr. Saqib Chaudhary saw how his physician parents meant so much to their community and that helped inspire him to become a doctor. Although he has experience in different areas of medicine, he truly enjoys his role as a hospitalist at Reliant. “I thought of all the fields in medicine, being a hospitalist was one of the most challenging and satisfying. I really enjoy the hands-on aspect of being a hospitalist, and being able to use all my different skills to help my patients.”

Dr. Chaudhary believes it’s important for a doctor to get to know his patients personally. “I think once you have a good relationship with a patient then they are more likely to be honest with you about their health issues and listen to your recommendations – such as taking their medication regularly. It can often take time to develop a good relationship with a patient, but to me it is always well worth it in the long run.”

Dr. Chaudhary says that one of the things he enjoys the most about his job is the patients and staff he gets to work with. He also loves the challenge of performing medicine each day. “Each day as a hospitalist, there are many decisions to make. You never know what’s going to happen, so it’s always interesting,” he explains. “I also enjoy working closely with families in the care of their loved ones. That’s a very important part of my job.”

When he is not busy helping patients, Dr. Chaudhary enjoys visiting state parks and going camping and hiking. He also enjoys sports and likes to play tennis and badminton.


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