Patient Rights

You have the right to:

  • Be treated in a caring, respectful and dignified way, without regard to race, religion, cultural values, disability, sex, or age.
  • Know the names of the people – physicians, advanced practitioners, residents, trainees, etc. – who are taking care of you and how they will help you or provide care.
  • Make informed decisions regarding your medical care, including the decision to discontinue treatment.
  • Have access to resources that facilitate effective communication with your healthcare provider.
  • Be examined and discuss concerns in private with your doctor or other healthcare provider.
  • Receive prompt, life-saving treatment in an emergency without regard to your economic status or source of payment.
  • Be assured of a confidential medical record, which will only be released when authorized by you. You have the right to review your medical records and receive a copy for a reasonable fee.
  • Request and receive information about your diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.
  • Receive information relative to financial assistance and request an itemized bill reflecting charges from the physician and/or facility.
  • Fairly and openly voice your complaint or concerns when the quality of the care or services you have received does not meet your expectations. Also, if you have a problem that you cannot solve with your doctor, nurse, other caregiver, or site practice manager, you may contact the Reliant Medical Group Customer Service Department.

Reliant Medical Group Customer Service Department: (800) 993-8399

The Customer Service Department welcomes your feedback and works to respond to and research complaints by patients of Reliant Medical Group. In addition, the department receives and forwards compliments and inquiries from patients regarding staff.

Patient Responsibilities

You have the following responsibilities:

  • To provide complete and accurate information about your present health status and your complete medical history, including illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, allergies, and any other matters relating to your health.
  • To ask questions of any member of your treatment team if you don’t understand information about your diagnosis or treatment.
  • To participate in treatment decisions, follow treatment recommendations and instructions, and inform your healthcare provider(s) when you feel you cannot follow the prescribed treatment.
  • To inform your healthcare provider(s) of unexpected changes in your medical conditions.
  • To comply with all Reliant Medical Group rules and regulations as they relate to your care, safety, and conduct as a patient.
  • To refrain from using cell phones in patient care areas and observe the no smoking policy.
  • To treat Reliant Medical Group staff with courtesy and have consideration for the needs and rights of other patients.
  • To keep appointments or notify us as soon as possible if you are unable to keep an appointment.
  • To present your valid insurance card(s) at each appointment.
  • To promptly fulfill your financial obligations and remit copays at the time of each visit.
  • To assume responsibility for any remaining balance not covered by your insurance.
  • To know your benefits, including treatment and services covered and not covered by insurance.