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Walk-In Care

Reliant Medical Group Phone number for Reliant Medical Group: (800) 283-2556

Research Department

Phone: 508-595-2195
Fax: 508-595-2225


Robert Yood, MD, FACP, MACR
Medical Director of Research
Email: Robert.Yood@Reliantmedicalgroup.org

Lawrence Garber, MD
Associate Medical Director of Research
Phone: 774-261-1296
Email: Lawrence.Garber@Reliantmedicalgroup.org

Mary Charpentier, BS, CIM
Research Director
Phone: 508-595-2205
Email: Mary.Charpentier@Reliantmedicalgroup.org

Candace Leblanc, RN, BSN, CCRC
Clinical Lead
Phone: 508-556-5431
Email: Candace.Leblanc@Reliantmedicalgroup.org

Susan Sama, RN, SCD
Phone: 508-595-2220
Email: Susan.Sama@Reliantmedicalgroup.org

Doreen Threadgould
Research Office Supervisor
Phone: 508-595-2291
Email: doreen.threadgould@reliantmedicalgroup.org


Meagan Fair
Support Programmer/Analyst
Phone: 508-595-2204
Email: Meagan.Fair@Reliantmedicalgroup.org

Devi Sundaresan, MS
Data Manager/Analyst
Email: Devi.Sundaresan@Reliantmedicalgroup.org

Archana Kalyanasundaram
Support Programmer/ Analyst
Email: archana.kalyanasundaram@reliantmedicalgroup.org

Clinical Trial Managers

Nicole Andries, MS, BSN,RN
Phone: 508-368-3929
Email: nicole.andries@reliantmedicalgroup.org

Patricia Arruda, RN, BSN
Phone: 508-556-5429
Fax: 508-556-5401
Email: Patricia.Arruda@Reliantmedicalgroup.org

Diane Kirk, RN
Phone: 508-368-3225
Email: Diane.Kirk@Reliantmedicalgroup.org

Anne McDonald, RN
Phone: 508-368-3929
Fax: 508-368-3225
Email: Anne.McDonald@Reliantmedicalgroup.org

Peggy Preusse, RN
Phone: 508-595-2219
Fax: 508-595-2225
Email: Peggy.Preusse@Reliantmedicalgroup.org

Practice Research Network (PRN)

PRN Contact Information:
Email PRN@reliantmedicalgroup.org

Ben Barnes, PhD, Medical Director of Behavioral Health Research

Mara Eyllon, PhD, Research Manager, Practice Research Network

Sam Nordberg, PhD, Chief of Behavioral Health

Karen Daukas, MBA, PT, Behavioral Health Practice Manager

All of Us Research Program

Phone: (508) 595-2267
Fax: (508) 595-2225
Email: AllofUs@Reliantmedicalgroup.org

Manuela Frederick-Eremionkhale
Medical Research Assistant
Email: Manuela.Frederick-Eremionkhale@reliantmedicalgroup.org

Theodore Girard
Medical Research Assistant
Email: theodore.girard@reliantmedicalgroup.org

Michael Grampetro Jr.
Medical Research Assistant
Email: Michael.GrampetroJr@Reliantmedicalgroup.org

Lindsey Howland
Research Assistant
Email: Lindsey.Howland@reliantmedicalgroup.org

Declan Lyons
Medical Research Assistant
Email: Declan.Lyons@Reliantmedicalgroup.org

Amy Marcinkowski
Research Assistant
Email: Amy.Marcinkowski@Reliantmedicalgroup.org

Cristin Murphy
Medical Research Assistant
Email: Cristin.Murphy@reliantmedicalgroup.org

Kristopher Neisz
Medical Research Assistant
Email: Kristopher.Neisz@Reliantmedicalgroup.org

Kyle Quitadamo
Research Coordinator
Email: Kyle.Quitadamo@Reliantmedicalgroup.org

Irene Ruiz
Medical Research Assistant
Email: Irene.Ruiz@reliantmedicalgroup.org

Belinda Thomollari
Research Assistant
Email: Belinda.Thomollari@Reliantmedicalgroup.org

Brenda Valenti, BS, BSN
Research Project Supervisor
Phone: 508-595-2411
Email: Brenda.Valenti@Reliantmedicalgroup.org

Institutional Review Board

Sonia Martinath
IRB Administrator & Regulatory Coordinator
Phone: 508-595-2217
Fax: 508-595-2225
Email: Sonia.Martinath@Reliantmedicalgroup.org

Tumor Registry

Tumor Registry
Phone: 508-595-2321
Fax: 508-595-2225

Kelli Genkos
Tumor Registrar
Email: Kelli.Genkos@Reliantmedicalgroup.org

Sandhya Naik
Tumor Registrar
Email: Sandhya.Naik@Reliantmedicalgroup.org