Why do we survey patients?

Your opinion matters!

At Reliant Medical Group, our goal is to exceed your service expectations. That is why we regularly survey our patients to determine what we are doing right…and what could use some improvement. The results from these surveys are one of our most important patient-satisfaction measurement tools. Being able to hear about the quality of our services from the patient’s perspective allows us to make meaningful changes in our clinical sites and in the way we do our jobs.

By completing this brief mail-in survey, patients – our customers – provide us with genuine, anonymous (if preferred) feedback, which we use to make improvements throughout the Clinic and as part of our physician evaluation system. This feedback also helps us to measure the success of pilot programs and patient initiatives.

Reliant Medical Group uses an outside company called Press Ganey Associates to survey our patients. While patients return the surveys directly to Press Ganey, the company provides timely, specific feedback to Reliant Medical Group so that we can accurately track results and act on feedback.

We greatly value our patients’ feedback. If you receive a survey in the mail, please complete it and return it in the envelope provided. The comments we receive from our patients tell a story of their experiences here at the Clinic – a story we want and need to hear. As a matter of fact, we take the time to read every comment on the surveys.

Thank you for helping us to provide you with the best possible patient care experience.

Here are some comments we have received:

“I was able to schedule an appointment for my daughter the exact time I requested. The physician took the time to answer all of my questions & explain his answers very clearly”.

“I have always found the staff to be respectful and conscientious and helpful in their interactions with me and other patients”.

“I had to wait 35 minutes to see my physician but I didn’t mind because I know when it’s my turn to see him he will give me all the time I need”.

If you would like to receive a patient satisfaction survey in the mail, please contact Reliant Medical Group’s Customer Service department, or call 800-993-8399 and we will arrange to have one sent to you.