With video visits, you can meet with your provider through your computer, smartphone or tablet — without leaving home. Your provider will see you and talk with you, like a regular doctor’s visit.

While telephone visits are straight forward, video visits are a bit more complex. If you are scheduled for a video visit, please read the setup instructions below prior to your virtual video appointment.

Instructions to Set Up Video Visits

Based on your needs, Reliant uses one of 2 different systems for video visits: MyChart or SecureVideo. The majority of our virtual appointments are done through MyChart, but Behavioral Health, Endocrinology, Nutrition, and Rehab departments may use SecureVideo.

If your healthcare team told you to use MyChart for the video visit, click on the “MyChart Video Visit Set Up Instructions” link below or view video instructions here. Otherwise, click on the SecureVideo link that matches the device you will be using for the visit:

MyChart Video Visit

How to Register For MyChart

MyChart Video Visit Set Up Instructions

How to Enable Pop-Ups For MyChart Video Visit

SecureVideo Video Visit

SecureVideo Visit Set Up Instructions -Android

SecureVideo Visit Set Up Instructions -iPad/iPhone

SecureVideo Visit Set Up Instructions -Mac