Obesity Behavioral Modification Group

Obesity has become one of America’s biggest health problems and can have a highly detrimental effect on people’s health including an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. The Obesity Behavioral Modification Group is designed for people who are significantly overweight and suffering from eating disorders, including binge eating. The 6-week program is also a requirement for those considering bariatric surgery to deal with their obesity. All patients are evaluated individually before they enter the program and must meet certain requirements (including a specific Body Mass Index). Participants will learn how to redirect their thinking about food, deal with food urges and binge eating, discover alternatives to stress eating, and more. Offered in a non-judgmental and compassionate environment, the Obesity Behavioral Modification Group offers extensive mutual support and the sharing of ideas to overcome this difficult problem.

Note: To attend this program, please speak to your physician about obtaining a referral. You may then call (508) 856-0732.