Not only is Reliant Medical Group dedicated to providing our patients with the most competent surgical care available, we also offer our patients a highly efficient team approach to treating complex disease processes.

Our Breast Care Center, Lung Care Center, Vascular Care Center and other “Centers of Excellence” utilize a coordinated, multidisciplinary team approach to care that pays dividends for patients. For instance, breast cancer patients can come in and receive a mammogram and radio-guided biopsy in one location. Patients also benefit from having their case presented to a team of specialists including medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, and general and plastic surgeons. This collaboration allows patients to receive the best advice on their course of treatment. We are also dedicated to carefully coordinating dates for surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and other treatments. This helps ensure safe, effective treatment that is also efficient and more convenient for our patients.

iStock_000039459376_MediumSurgical patients at Reliant Medical Group also benefit from a highly efficient patient education process. Our own nurse educator sits down with each patient and goes over pre-operative preparations and lets the patient know what to expect before and after surgery. We also provide a thorough physical exam and complete lab tests for patients before surgery. Patients are also provided with a telephone number to call any time day or night if they have a question or a problem.

By offering our patients a wide range of proven surgical options coupled with the compassionate care of our highly skilled surgeons, nurses and staff, Reliant Medical Group has gained a reputation as a leading center for surgery in Central Massachusetts and beyond.