The modern way to treat sinus problems

The development of endoscopic sinus surgery has helped revolutionize the treatment of sinus disease. Utilizing thin, specialized instruments called endoscopes and miniaturized cameras, surgeons can carefully examine and operate on narrow sinus openings with great precision and control.

Before endoscopy, sinus procedures were often performed through external incisions. Now, thanks to minimally invasive technology, sinus surgery can be done on an outpatient basis – allowing a faster and more convenient recovery for patients. One of the most important endoscopic instruments utilized by ENT surgeons is the microdebrider, a powerful instrument for removal of diseased or obstructive sinus tissue. Using a microdebrider, surgeons can precisely target the affected areas of the sinuses while leaving other areas untouched. A microdebrider is often used to open the natural drainage pathways of the sinuses, which helps decrease the frequency, severity and duration of sinus infections.

ENT physicians are now utilizing endoscopy in the treatment many different kinds of sinus problems including chronic sinusitis, removal of cysts and polyps, and other problems.