Q: Is ReadyMED Plus different than the other ReadyMEDs in our area?

A: Yes…and no. Like our ReadyMED locations in Auburn, Hudson, and Milford, ReadyMED Plus will offer walk-in care services seven days a week from 9:00am to 8:00pm and have lab and x-ray services onsite.

What makes ReadyMED Plus in Worcester a little different is that it will house Reliant Medical Group’s Adult & Pediatric Walk-In Care services and it will have CT scan services available onsite.  This means we’ll have the ability at ReadyMED Plus to see sicker patients.  In addition, ReadyMED Plus can care for infants, whereas the other ReadyMEDs care for patients 24 months and older.

Like all of the other ReadyMEDs, ReadyMED Plus is not an Emergency Room.  When people need emergent care, the nearest Emergency Room is the place to go.

Q: Can anyone go to ReadyMED Plus?

A: Yes, ReadyMED Plus will offer walk-in care services for people of all ages. You do not have to be a patient of Reliant Medical Group to get care at ReadyMED Plus or at any of our other ReadyMED locations.

Q: Why is Reliant Medical Group moving its Walk-In Care services from 630 Plantation Street, Worcester to ReadyMed Plus?

A: We are thrilled for the opportunity to care for Reliant and non-Reliant patients in need of walk-in care services in a brand new, state-of-the-art medical facility that is easily accessible and has plenty of free parking. It is also just two miles down the road from our Plantation Street site!

Q: Are the Reliant Medical Group Walk-In Care doctors and staff from 630 Plantation Street also moving?

A: Yes, the same care providers and staff who currently work in our Adult and Pediatric Walk-In Care departments at Plantation Street are moving to ReadyMED Plus.

Q: Will there be opportunities at ReadyMED Plus to make walk-in care appointments in Pediatrics?

A: Everyone can always walk-in to ReadyMED Plus forwalk-in care services; but there will also be opportunities to make pediatric appointments at ReadyMED Plus between 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM for children with a Reliant PCP. Parents should call their child’s PCP office for help scheduling an appointment.

Q: Will ReadyMED Plus take my health insurance?

A: All of the ReadyMED locations, including ReadyMED Plus, accept all major health insurances. Click here to see a list.

Q: Will my PCP get information from ReadyMED after my visit?

A: Yes, when people receive care at any of our ReadyMED locations, their PCPs are informed. For Reliant Medical Group patients, a note is included in the Electronic Medical Record.  For non-Reliant patients we make sure notes are faxed to their PCPs within 72 hours if not sooner. Parents should call their child’s PCP office for help scheduling an appointment.