Urgent care nurses come to you

Sometimes, your provider may feel the best and safest choice is to stay home instead of visiting an urgent care facility or the emergency room (ER). In this case they and will suggest that a nurse come to your home to address urgent and non-emergent medical issues. In our Patient Acute Care (PAC) Nurse program, specialized PAC nurses make same-day home visits. They will review your health situation and team up with your Reliant provider on a care plan that meets your personal needs. If you have a medical concern during business hours, contact your provider’s office and you may be considered for this service.

Patient-Centered Acute Care Visit FAQ

Do I need to leave my home to be evaluated?
No, a visiting nurse from VNA Care will come to your home and perform a head to toe assessment, including vital signs and any testing your provider will order.

Will I be able to see my Reliant provider?

If your provider is available and ordering the assessment, you will meet with them over video. If your provider is not available and a covering Reliant provider is ordering the assessment, that is who you will have the video visit with. 

I don’t have a cell phone or tablet to do a video visit, how will I meet with the provider?

The visiting nurse will connect to the video visit with on their own device and work with you and the provider on a plan of care. They will share their findings of their assessment and complete any necessary tests/labs the provider needs to make a clinical decision.

How will my blood work get to the lab?

The visiting nurse will bring your lab specimens to an approved Reliant lab for processing.

What is the cost of the program?

The program is covered by most insurance plans, but Reliant will be responsible for any additional costs incurred.

Who will follow up with me after I am seen?

Your PCP’s office will follow up with you after your visit to ensure your treatment plan is effective. They will help schedule any additional appointments if needed.