Allyson Alting, NP - Family Practice, Virtual ReadyMED

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Allyson knew from a very young age that she wanted to be a nurse just like her mother. “My mother is a true, big-hearted caregiver and a huge role model for me.” she explains. “My father was also important in encouraging me to continue my education and pushing me to be the best I could be in my field.”

Trained as family nurse practitioner, Allyson sees patients of all ages. She started both her registered nurse and nurse practitioner careers in the emergency room. “I love working in the outpatient setting and I love helping those who are urgently in need,” she explains. “I pride myself on offering my patients reassurance, guidance, and also educating them about how to manage their current situation.”

Allyson always approaches each patient with the same compassion regardless of their problem. “I believe each patient’s health concern should be validated and investigated appropriately to ensure the patient leaves with appropriate answers, education and follow-up as needed,” she explains. “This, in turn, helps ensure they are satisfied with their care. I love the smile on my patients’ face as they leave feeling reassured, educated, and more prepared to deal with their current situation.”

Allyson said she struggles with the lack of education patients have about preventative measures, such as proper diet and exercise. “We see so many patients with repeated ailments related to their lifestyle choices. If we, as providers, educate people more about preventative health measures and healthier lifestyle choices I am hopeful we can become an overall healthier community.”

When she is not busy with her patients, Allyson enjoys being with her family. “I love time with my husband out on the motorcycle on sunny days, hikes with our French bulldog Monti, and enjoying some free time with my two younger sisters.”


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