Is it Time for Your Colon Cancer Screening?

By Dr. David Gilchrist
Department of Family Practice, Reliant Medical Group

If you are age 45 or older, it’s time to schedule your colon cancer screening. This type of cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States. Colon cancer is also increasing among those younger than age 50. That’s why the United States Preventative Services Task Force has now recommended to start screening for colon cancer at age 45 for average-risk patients. With proper screening, most colorectal cancers can be found early, when they are more likely to be easier to treat.

There are a couple options when considering colorectal cancer screening.  Cologuard is a non-invasive test that can be done in the convenience of your home and is suitable for some patients. Another option is a colonoscopy. This exam is the only method that allows a gastroenterologist to both detect and remove colon polyps that can lead to cancer. Use the guide below to learn more and then talk to your primary care provider about which screening method is best for you. Please don’t neglect your colon cancer screening – it’s the best way to safeguard yourself against this potentially deadly disease.


Is it Time for Your Colon Cancer Screening?

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