Amanda Vitko, MD - Family Practice

Overall Patient Rating

4.9 out of 5 stars - 150 total ratings

“The family dynamic really makes medicine interesting, and gives you a unique perspective on everything.”

Dr. Amanda Vitko enjoys being a primary care doctor because it allows her to get close to her patients and develop long-lasting relationships, often with entire families. “I really enjoy medicine, it’s a fascinating discipline”, she explains. “But what makes it special for me is that you get to interact with people on a daily basis and make a difference in their lives – and I find that very satisfying.”

Dr. Vitko enjoys working as a family practice physician because it lets her do a little bit of everything. “When I was in medical school I really liked all the specialties I was introduced to. Fortunately, working in family medicine is really diverse, you get to treat a lot of different issues. Plus I like the fact that I get to take care of entire families, and not just parents and children but also aunts, uncles, and grandparents. The family dynamic really makes medicine interesting, and gives you a unique perspective on things.”

In addition to helping families with a wide range of issues, Dr. Vitko has a big interest in women’s health. “As a family medicine physician I can do a lot of gynecological procedures such as inserting IUDs and PAP smears right in the office,” she explains. “I also have a lot of experience working with geriatric patients from my time working in a nursing home.”

Dr. Vitko has always been a big believer in providing patient-centered care. “I try to give patients the information they need upfront. But ultimately, the decisions on their care are left to them. I really believe that if people aren’t ready to change you can’t make them change. That’s why I work hard to develop good relationships with patients and build trust. It’s really about educating people and getting them to take charge of their health.”

When she is not caring for her patients, Dr. Vitko is usually with her four children (all boys) who keep her very busy. She also enjoys traveling to California and Northwest Montana when she has the time.


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