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Brett Carswell
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“At Reliant Medical Group, we realize that it’s all about the patient.”

A graduate of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Dr. Brett Carswell clearly enjoys practicing at Reliant Medical Group in Worcester. “The people here are what attracted me the most,” he explains. “I trained with everybody here in the Division of Urology and thought they were great. Plus the facilities here are the best in Worcester.”

Dr. Carswell originally thought he was going to put his scientific talents to work in research, until he realized being a physician suited him more. “I did a lot of neuroscience research as an undergraduate, but to do good research you have to be narrowly focused and I think medicine allows a greater ability to connect with the real world than working in a lab. I’m glad I made the choice I did.”

As a urologist, Dr. Carswell performs many different types of surgeries. He enjoys utilizing the da Vinci surgical robot at St. Vincent Hospital, a highly sophisticated system for less invasive procedures. “I was trained on this system as a resident, and feel it offers real benefits for prostate cancer surgery. We are also utilizing it for kidney cancer and kidney reconstructive surgery. Our physicians are seeing very good results with the da Vinci system and it allows a faster recovery time for patients since we are able to operate using smaller incisions.”

According to Dr. Carswell, Reliant Medical Group takes a team approach when it comes to treating prostate cancer. “I think it’s best for the patient to hear from everyone what their options are. There are many different ways to treat prostate cancer and the patient needs to understand what approach is best for them. At Reliant Medical Group, we realize that it’s all about the patient. We’re here to help people in the best way that we can.”

Dr. Carswell believes that treatment for urologic cancers will only improve in the future. “As we understand more about the genetic basis for cancer we will see less surgical treatment and a more systematic approach. And as we gain a greater understanding of male pelvic health we will have a better understanding of how to treat men. We are already seeing an expansion in less invasive treatments such as robotic surgery procedures and that will only continue to grow and evolve.”

Working at Reliant Medical Group, Dr. Carswell enjoys being surrounded by other talented physicians each day. “The other physicians and support staff in our department are really great. Everyone is easily accessible and always ready to help out. That’s one of the reasons it’s so satisfying working here.”


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