Christine Chang, MD - Geriatrics, Internal Medicine

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"I feel very fulfilled when I am able to help someone overcome a health issue and enjoy their life more."

Dr. Christine Chang’s interest in science began at a young age. Her mother, a microbiologist, helped get her interested in science. “I remember, as a young girl, going with her to her lab and playing with the lab equipment, and this really piqued my interest,” she explains. “Later, I decided to major in molecular biology at Princeton and after that I went to medical school at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio.”

Dr. Chang says the thing she likes the most about her job is the ability to solve problems and help people each day. “For me, medicine is challenging but also very rewarding. I feel very fulfilled when I am able to help someone overcome a health issue and enjoy their life more.”

One of the reasons Dr. Chang decided to become an internist is because she loves the challenge. “Internal Medicine is challenging because it encompasses such a broad area,” she explains. “Your patients can walk in the door with almost any type of problem. It’s up to me to not only find a diagnosis but also refer patients to the appropriate specialist if they need one. It often requires a team of people in order to provide the best care, and I am happy that I am working at Reliant Medical where there is a great mix of excellent primary care providers and specialists.”

At Reliant, Dr. Chang works in Geriatrics, which is her biggest clinical interest. “As patients get older, the way their body works changes. My mission is to help patients function with these changes in the best way that they can.” In working with patients, Dr. Chang likes to take a team-orientated approach. “I’ll give suggestions but then it’s up to the patient to see if those ideas are helpful. I believe in teaching patients about their health and I always want them to keep me informed about how they are feeling and what is and isn’t working for them.”

In her spare time, Dr. Chang enjoys being with her family as well as traveling, enjoying music (she plays the piano), cooking favorite dishes like shrimp scampi and barbecued ribs and skiing.


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