Deidre Hein, DO - Internal Medicine

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“When treating a patient, I like to encourage them to take ownership of their health…”

Dr. Deidre Hein says that becoming a doctor was something that she wanted to do from a young age. “I grew up in Minnesota, and my dad was a veterinarian. I would often go on calls with him and watch him work. After a while, I realized that I was more suited to working with people than animals so that helped me decide to become a doctor.”

In medical school Dr. Hein made the decision to focus on primary care, although there were some sidetracks along the way. “I had an interest in a few different specialties,” she explains. “However, I finally decided that becoming a primary care physician really was the best fit for me. I just liked the variety you get working in primary care. Plus, I enjoy getting to know people and treating them over the long-term. Not every specialty offers that. The continuity of care you have with patients in primary care really appealed to me.”

Dr. Hein has a special interest in preventative care and chronic disease management. “When treating a patient, I like to encourage them to take ownership of their health, so they can work closely with me,” she explains. “I like to promote lifestyle modifications so patients can improve their overall health. Just eating right and getting regular exercise can really make a big difference for most people.”

In her practice Dr. Hein often assists patients who have mental health issues. “There’s a lot of ways we can help patients. In addition to treating patients myself, I can also refer them to our Behavioral Health department if they are suffering from anxiety, depression and other problems. I will also recommend certain behavioral health apps for patients if I feel they will be helpful.”

In her spare time, Dr. Hein enjoys watching baseball and is a season-ticket holder for the Red Sox. She also loves reading and enjoys the outdoors, including gardening. Dr. Hein is also a big fan of Lego and enjoys traveling with her husband and experiencing different cultures.


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