Diane Lockhart, MD - General Surgery

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“When people hear the word cancer, they become understandably very emotional.”

Dr. Diane Lockhart started her career in medicine as a nurse but later made the decision to attend medical school. Once there, she started to develop a big interest in surgery. “It was the thing that I enjoyed the most. I loved the challenge, the pace, the anatomy of surgery. Plus the problem-solving involved makes it so interesting to me. You also get to have a big effect on a patient’s health, which makes it a very satisfying career.”

At Reliant Dr. Lockhart specializes in treating women with breast cancer. “When people hear the word cancer, they become understandably very emotional,” she explains. “It’s the one word you don’t want to hear when you go to the doctor. In treating women with breast cancer, I found I was good at providing not just the surgical care, but also the emotional support that women needed.”

Dr. Lockhart works as part of a team of experts that help breast cancer patients. “When a patient receives a breast cancer diagnosis, they have a whole team of caregivers including medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, plastic surgeons and nurse navigators to help them. All of us work closely together to make sure the patient gets everything they need to have a good outcome.”

Over the years Dr. Lockhart has seen genetic testing play a bigger and bigger role in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients. “We are gaining knowledge that genetics can play an important role and that some cancers are interrelated. That’s why we always ask people about their family history. It’s very important to screen people more often if they have a family history of cancer. In her free time Dr. Lockhart enjoys playing traditional music with the Boston Scottish Fiddle Orchestra. She also enjoys folk dancing, hiking and gardening, cycling, as well as walking her dog and volunteering at a food pantry.


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