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Gilberto Sustache
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“I try to help patients understand that their biggest asset is their health.”

For Dr. Gilberto Sustache, entering medicine was a natural choice. “When I was a child, the world of medicine was already an interest for me,” he explains. “I originally thought I might be a nurse or a physical therapist when I was younger. However, while I was an undergraduate at Brown, I was encouraged to follow my dreams and that put me on the road to becoming a doctor.”

Dr. Sustache says that in recent years helping patients with their mental health challenges has become more important. “There’s no doubt that depression and anxiety impact other medical issues. You can’t just treat a patient with high blood pressure and not pay attention to the stressors that may be causing them to not take their meds, not eat healthy, and not make the lifestyle changes they need. As a physician, you have to see the big picture. So, I always take the time to learn as much as I can about my patients.”

As a physician, one of the biggest health issues that Dr. Sustache confronts is obesity. “I try to partner with patients and help coach them so they are aware of the goals and the things that need to be done,” he explains. “We’re looking at lifestyle changes, things that are going to be impactful for the rest of their lives. It takes time and patience to accomplish that because you have to see what motivates people to make change. I try to help patients understand that their biggest asset is their health. If you can’t preserve or improve your health, all the money in the bank is not going to give you happiness.”

One of the techniques Dr. Sustache uses to help patients is a lifestyle program called NEWSTART. “Often, we go over these eight simple points which are nutrition, exercise, water, sunlight, temperance, air, rest, and trusting in something bigger than yourself. Those eight categories are like a chain, and each link affects overall health. You can exercise and eat well but if you don’t get enough sleep it will affect your health. So, I often try to review these eight principles with patients.”

Dr. Sustache enjoys staying physically fit and has even completed some triathlons. In addition to exercising he enjoys detailing cars in his spare time. He and his wife have three children and he loves spending as much time with them as possible.


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