John Najjar, MD - Vascular Surgery

John Najjar
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“We pride ourselves on offering the best solution for each patient’s problem.”

As a vascular surgeon at Reliant Medical Group, Dr. John Najjar specializes in the treatment of disorders of the blood vessels, such an aneurysms, varicose veins as well as many other problems. Asked why he decided to become a vascular surgeon, Dr. Najjar explains, “After medical school I had started off thinking I was going to be a cardiac surgeon, but once I saw all the opportunities for innovation and the difficult clinical challenges in vascular surgery, I decided to pursue that instead.”

Like other vascular surgeons, Dr. Najjar spends a lot of time keeping with the latest new technologies in his field. “The technology is always evolving,” he explains. “Every month, it seems like there are new medical developments happening in vascular surgery – a new balloon, a new stent, or a new device to treat varicose veins. So we spend a lot of time learning about these new technologies.”

Dr. Najjar has seen how new technology and techniques have transformed treatment for vascular problems. “Before, many vascular problems such as aneurysms were corrected with traditional surgery. Now we can fix many of those problems through less invasive repairs utilizing stents (small flexible tubes). This method is less taxing on the patient and results in a shorter recovery time. These new methods have made it a very exciting time to be a vascular surgeon.”

Less invasive procedures utilizing stents have become so popular that Reliant Medical Group now has its own procedure room at the Worcester Medical Center for specializing in these types of repairs. “This allows us to have all the equipment we need to fix aneurysms and other problems. It’s been a real asset to patient care,” Dr. Najjar explains.

One of the reasons Dr. Najjar enjoys practicing at Reliant Medical Group is that he can offer truly comprehensive care – from open surgery to diagnostic procedures to less invasive repairs with stents. “We pride ourselves on offering the best solution for each patient’s problem. In many cases, such as treating varicose veins, we can even offer a patient different options for procedures to rectify the problem.”

When working with vascular patients, Dr. Najjar tries to treat each one as if they were a brother, sister or other family member. It’s not hard to notice his caring attitude and rapport with his patients. “I always try to respect and listen to the patient and keep them as informed of the situation as I can. In my mind, that’s the only way to do it.”

When he is not busy treating patients in his vascular surgery practice, Dr. Najjar enjoys traveling and biking with his wife and three children. “I hope to have a little more time to travel when my family is grown.”


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