Kenneth Kronlund, MD - Internal Medicine

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“To me, medicine is a partnership.”

A physician for over two decades, Dr. Kenneth Kronlund has spent his entire career at Reliant Medical Group. Starting first in Urgent Care, he then became a practicing internist. Asked why he decided to make internal medicine his career, Dr Kronlund explains, “I chose to be an internist because I enjoy treating the full spectrum of medical issues that affect people as opposed to just concentrating in one area. But I think the biggest reason was that it allows me to use all the skills and abilities I have as a physician to help others – that was very important to me.”

As a specialist in adult medicine, Dr. Kronlund believes in establishing long-term relationships with his patients, based on mutual trust. “To me, medicine is a partnership,” he explains. “I believe you need to establish an alliance with your patients and understand what their needs are, what their hopes are, even what their upbringing has been like. I think the better you get to know your patients the better you can engage them in their own care. I really believe that it’s essential for patients and doctors to work together to ensure good health. ”

Dr. Kronlund has always felt very connected to his patients at Reliant Medical Group. “In many ways, patients are like your extended family. You mourn with them when they are sick and you rejoice with them when they are well. The relationship you build with your patients is really what makes being a doctor unique.”

As the site chief of the Lake Avenue North clinic, Dr. Kronlund realizes the value of having a highly respected group practice like Reliant Medical Group behind him. “The great thing about working for a group practice like Reliant Medical Group is that you can easily coordinate care across the entire spectrum. Whether it’s receiving a second opinion on a difficult case or getting a patient in to see a specialist on short notice, the support we have here is invaluable both for us and our patients.” Dr. Kronlund is also a strong believer in his medical colleagues at Lake Avenue North. “We have a very compassionate and talented group of caregivers here and I think the patients really benefit from that. It’s a great group to work with.”

When he is not busy seeing patients at Lake Avenue North, Dr. Kronlund enjoys skiing with his family as well as other outdoor activities. He is also very involved with scouting and has been a member of the Board of Directors for the Mohegan Council of the Boy Scouts of America for many years. He also enjoys playing guitar and finding the time to discover a favorite new book.


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