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Lawrence Unger
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4.7 out of 5 stars - 57 total ratings

“I love the immediate satisfaction that comes from doing surgery.”

Having a mother who was a nurse and a father who needed medical care when he was young helped spark Dr. Lawrence Unger’s interest in medicine. “I think that experience helped to solidify my desire to become a doctor and increase my appreciation for what physicians do and how they impact people’s lives,” he explains.

In his surgical practice at Reliant Medical Group Dr. Unger performs all types of general surgery, including laparoscopic surgery. He also performs surgery as part of treatment for colon cancer and breast cancer. “I love the immediate satisfaction that comes from doing surgery. A patient comes in and they are sick and not doing well and with one procedure you can really turn things around for them…I find that really satisfying.”

Dr. Unger makes a point to treat each of his patients the way he would want to be treated. “I know that when a patient comes to me, their problem probably feels like the biggest problem in the world. So I always try to make sure that at every encounter I am doing the best for them. I want each patient to be as satisfied with their care as possible.”

As a general surgeon Dr. Unger assists patients by performing laparoscopic hernia surgery and breast surgery as well as procedures on the stomach, small intestine, colon, and gallbladder. He truly enjoys using his different skills to help his patients. “I think every surgeon looks forward to operating. That’s the defining difference between a surgeon and other physicians who don’t do procedures…you really have to love being in the operating room.”

In his spare time Dr. Unger enjoys being with his family, including going on hikes with his wife and kids and traveling with them when he has the time. He also enjoys watching his children participate in sports, including soccer, lacrosse, baseball, basketball and skiing.