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Liesl	Matzka
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“Health can be a big part of what’s happening in a family.”

Although she originally thought she would become a teacher growing up, Dr. Liesl Matzka now enjoys working one-on-one with patients regarding their health. “In a way, being a physician is similar to being a teacher since you are always educating patients about their health,” she explains. “That educational aspect of medicine is one of the reasons why I enjoy it so much.”

As a Family Practice physician, Dr. Matzka enjoys getting to know families and working out a care plan that is best for everyone. “Health can be a big part of what’s happening in a family,” she explains. “It can be a part of what makes things good and what makes things difficult at times. As a Family Practice physician, you really need to understand the health attributes and dynamics of the entire family to provide the best care.”

Dr. Matzka always emphasizes preventative medicine with her patients. “I think it’s as important with children as adults. As they grow up you teach them what to keep in mind to stay healthy and help uncover small issues before they become major problems. Then you work with the parents to make sure everyone is on the same page. Preventative medicine is really a family effort.”

In her practice at Reliant Dr. Matzka enjoys caring for members of the LGBQ+ community. “Everybody needs somebody to go to when you have a problem, and if it’s somebody that you’re comfortable working with, chances are things will turn out better,” she explains. “When treating patients, I bring the medical know-how and expertise and the patient brings the knowledge in themselves. Then we work closely together to create a plan that will work the best for everyone. Everybody likes a quick fix when they have a problem but sometimes it takes a little time to uncover the best solution.”

When she is not busy with patients Dr. Matzka enjoys crafting and knitting as well as sewing and cooking. She also enjoys playing online and table-top games.


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