Marc Braithwaite, OD - Optometry

Marc Braithwaite
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“That’s really what I’m here for – not only to address the clinical issues they have but also to listen to their concerns…”

Dr. Marc Braithwaite was first introduced to optometry by his mother, who worked for an optometrist when he was in high school. “I always wanted to do something medical related and make a difference in people’s lives,” he explains. “So for me, optometry has been an ideal career.”

In his practice, Dr. Braithwaite often works with patients who have difficulty getting fitted for contact lenses. “Some people have diseases of the cornea which makes them misshapen. Others have gone through accidents or surgeries that affected their cornea and their vision. By fitting patients like these with a proper contact lens we can create a smoother refractive surface and improve their vision.”

According to Dr. Braithwaite, the newer contact lenses that are available are much healthier for the eyes. “The latest contact lenses not only allow more oxygen to the cornea but can also promote better comfort and vision by reducing dryness. Thanks to these improvements in contact lenses, most people can choose to wear them if they want to. ”

As the leader of the Optometry department at Reliant, Dr. Braithwaite always makes a point to put patient needs first. “Patients need to have their concerns and their needs met as much as possible. That’s really what I’m here for – not only to address the clinical issues they have but also to listen to their concerns about their vision and overall eye health. One of the reasons I like optometry so much is that it is one of the few areas in health care where people can come in with a complaint and you can send them out the door with a solution that can really help them.”

When he is not busy helping patients, Dr. Braithwaite enjoys spending as much time as possible with his family. The father of six children, he and his family particularly enjoy outdoor activities such as boating, camping, and fishing.


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