Matthew Horsfield, MD - Internal Medicine

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“My relationship with the patient is that I am the navigator but they are the captain of their ship.”

After spending many years practicing in Louisiana and Texas, Dr. Matthew Horsfield now enjoys his work at Reliant Medical Group caring for patients in the Adult Medicine department. “I truly enjoy seeing patients,” he explains. “I wanted to become a doctor in order to help people live better lives. So I like to emphasize patient education and patient understanding in everything I do.”

While Dr. Horsfield enjoys helping patients dealing with common problems such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and hypertension, he also enjoys helping people with mental health issues. “I feel quite skilled in helping the patient understand their problem, and dispelling some of the myths they have heard about the medications prescribed for mental health,” he explains. “I can help connect people to important resources as well as prescribe medications that can help them. These medications were designed to bring you back to your normal self and for many people they work quite well.”

In his practice at Reliant, Dr. Horsfield believes in making a partnership with his patients to promote shared decision-making. “I always like to present options for the patient so they can be a part of the process. My relationship with the patient is that I am the navigator but they are the captain of their ship. I might tell them I think it would be the smartest decision to take this route, but the ultimate course they take is up to them. Their healthcare is really in their hands.”

For patients dealing with weight issues, Dr. Horsfield will often recommend weight-loss apps. “I like apps because they are easy to use and can give you information quickly,” he explains. “There are some great apps that can remind you to eat the right foods and go for a walk afterward. It’s really all about changing your behaviors and making them healthier. I like to have so much success medically with patients that we can talk more about their overall lives when they come to see me rather than their health. That’s very enjoyable to me.”

When he is not busy seeing patients at Reliant, Dr. Horsfield enjoys gardening and also likes to help the environment. “I try to utilize native plants and recycle as much as I can. I also drive an electric car because I think every little bit helps.” Dr. Horsfield also likes to travel to Europe and South America and enjoys reading about history.


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