Nicole Barr (Ferreira), FNP - Family Practice

Overall Patient Rating

4.8 out of 5 stars - 88 total ratings

Nicole has been involved in medicine her entire career. She first worked as a patient care tech and then a registered nurse before becoming an advanced practitioner.

At Reliant, Nicole enjoys providing comprehensive care for her patients and has a big interest in preventative medicine. “While working in the hospital, I cared for many individuals who did not always have appropriate ongoing care, which often led to poorer outcomes,” she explains. “I am a strong proponent of preventative medicine, and I am eager to help my patients live healthier lives to prevent the complications that I witnessed earlier in my career.”

At each patient visit, Nicole strives to listen carefully to her patients. “By being an engaged with your patients, it allows for the identification of opportunities for additional education – plus understanding your patients better allows for more holistic care.” Nicole believes that establishing effective relationships is the key to success. “In order to help facilitate healthy lifestyles and behaviors you really need to build rapport and establish mutual trust. Once that happens, it’s a lot easier to make progress on health goals.”

As a nurse practitioner, one of the things Nicole enjoys the most is meeting new individuals and their families. “I really enjoy getting to know my patients and learning more about their lives,” she explains. “I realize that being vulnerable and honest with a new provider can sometimes be difficult, but I appreciate the trust that my patients have in me to share such intimate details of their lives.”

In her free time Nicole and her fiancé enjoys hiking with her two Australian shepherds. She also enjoys tending her vegetable garden and even hopes to have her own farm someday.


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