Preeti Jain, MD - Internal Medicine

Overall Patient Rating

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“Trust is really the most important aspect of the doctor-patient relationship.”

Practicing internal medicine at Reliant Medical Group in Shrewsbury, Dr. Preeti Jain enjoys the opportunity to build strong, enduring relationships with her patients. “What I like most about being an internist is you get to know each patient very closely,” she explains. “And after a time, you develop a certain level of trust with your patients. That’s truly essential for me because I believe that trust is really the most important aspect of the doctor-patient relationship.”

As an internist, Dr. Jain finds it very rewarding to examine every aspect of a patient’s health. “I enjoy internal medicine because you see the patient as a whole – you’re not just examining eyes like an ophthalmologist,” she says. “For me, it’s fascinating to study all the different aspects of the human body. Although, I do have a special interest in treating abdominal symptoms and once considered becoming a gastroenterologist.”

Dr. Jain finds all the different resources available at Reliant Medical Group to be a real asset for herself and her patients. “It’s no secret we have great access to top specialists here. If one of my patients needs to see a specialist, it’s never a problem. Reliant Medical Group also makes it easy for doctors to share information, which makes consulting with each other easier.”

Practicing in internal medicine, Dr. Jain realizes the importance of making the correct diagnosis as soon as possible. “In internal medicine, you really have to analyze every symptom. When someone complains of back pain it could be just a strained muscle, or possibly something much more serious like cancer. You can never rule anything out until you’ve carefully analyzed everything. That’s why I pay careful attention to each sign and symptom, and listen to what my patients have to say.”

A busy physician with a husband and two young children at home, Dr. Jain still finds time to enjoy gardening and landscaping around her home. She and her husband also enjoy traveling, especially to Europe, and she has visited many countries there including England, Germany, Paris, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg. “We really do enjoy traveling together, and hope to do more of it once the children are a little older.”


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