Rebecca Rose, PA - Internal Medicine, Virtual Primary Care

Rebecca Rose
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After obtaining her undergraduate degree, Rebecca worked doing clinical neurological research in Rhode Island. While she liked being involved in the testing of new medical techniques, what she enjoyed the most was the patient interactions and learning more about why providers chose their treatment plans. “One of the physicians I worked with noticed this, and suggested I look into becoming an advanced practitioner, she explains. “That’s what put me on the road to becoming a physician assistant.”

Rebecca chose to work in primary care because it is an area of medicine that truly encourages providers to develop trusting relationships with their patients. She likes to emphasize preventative medicine when working with her patients. “Prevention and early detection are key factors to improve overall health and well-being,” she explains. “I think building trust with a patient really helps in that regard.”

One of the things Rebecca has learned is that medicine isn’t always black or white. “There isn’t just one correct treatment plan that works for every patient,” she explains. “Different patients face different hurdles with their health. Being able to get to know the patient, their family dynamic, and the socioeconomic factors in their life gives me important information on what treatment plans will work best for them as an individual.”

When she is not busy with patients, Rebecca spends her time running one of the top Juniors Volleyball Clubs in New England.


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