Suzanne Gilman, MD - Rheumatology

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“It’s a great feeling knowing that you’ve helped someone...”

Growing up in the Chicago area, Dr. Suzanne Gilman says she always had her heart set on being a doctor. “My father was an oncologist, so I was exposed to medicine at an early age. Honestly, I think I wanted to be a doctor for most of my life.”

Dr. Gilman truly loves the challenge that rheumatology provides. “One reason I like rheumatology is that it’s not a specialty where the answers always come easily,” she explains. “Rheumatology requires a lot of puzzle-solving, a lot of thought. You really have to talk to your patients and look at all the evidence to find out what is wrong and how you can help them.”

In her practice Dr. Gilman is committed to working closely with her patients and discussing the best care options available. “I am a huge believer in collaboration. I will help patients decide which options to go with based on their values and lifestyle. I think it’s important for a rheumatologist to build strong, trusting relationships with patients as there have to be many adjustments in medications over time.” In addition to helping patients with medication, Dr. Gilman also does joint injections, including ultrasound-guided procedures.

Dr. Gilman is aware that there is a mental cost to having a chronic autoimmune disease such as lupus. “I know it’s very hard on patients, so that’s something I really pay attention to. In fact, some patients may benefit from seeing a mental health provider to help them deal with all the issues. That’s something I really feel strongly about,” she explains.

Dr. Gilman says she finds it incredibly satisfying to make a difference in the lives of her patients. “You can have a patient who in horrible pain and who feels their life is falling apart and with the medications we have now it’s possible to get them back to doing the things they love. It’s a great feeling knowing that you helped someone like that.”

In her spare time Dr. Gilman enjoys sewing, reading science fiction and fantasy novels, swimming and game-playing. She says her favorite novelist is Brandon Sanderson.


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