Tara Thurston, DO - Pediatrics

Tara Thurston
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“I believe that even small changes early on in life can help shape a child’s future development and health.”

Dr. Tara Thurston always knew she wanted to go into medicine. “When I was younger, I thought I’d be a vet after helping to deliver and raise the neighbor’s puppies,” she explains. “Later, I realized how much I like the human aspects of medicine – especially getting to know patients and their families.”

Dr. Thurston believes she made a great choice when she decided to specialize in pediatrics. “Kids can be so spirited and resilient. I am playful at heart which I think helps to make a child at ease in the exam room. Early in my training, I thought I’d specialize in adolescent medicine as it is very special to be a part of the life of a child as they blossom into an adult. Later on, I grew to appreciate all the stages of development throughout life – from birth through adulthood. Having the experience of raising my own two children has helped me to add another layer to my medical knowledge.”

As a pediatrician, Dr. Thurston knows that parents are the biggest advocate for their children. “I see myself as an advisor to parents helping them to make the best choices for their children,” she explains. “I believe that even small changes early on in life can help shape a child’s future development and health.”

Although she provides all manner of pediatric care for patients, Dr. Thurston has a special interest in the areas of nutrition as well as learning issues and ADD. “These problems seem to be increasingly present in the community. However, through early identification, we can greatly change a child’s life, health, and self-esteem. I am also an advocate for childhood vaccination.”

When Dr. Thurston is not working, you can often find her on the sidelines, cheering on the soccer, baseball and swim teams around town. She also enjoys cooking, running, and keeping tabs on the shark sightings down on the Cape. “When I find more time to get away, I will be working on hiking all of the 4,000 foot peaks in the White Mountains.”


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