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Teresa Stone
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“Fortunately, new technologies have made it much easier to diagnose and treat eye disease.”

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An optometrist since 1995, Dr. Teresa Stone spent the earlier part of her career in Boston practicing at the New England Eye Center and at a large group practice, but now enjoys seeing patients in the Worcester area. “I really enjoy it out here, people are very friendly. It’s a great area to practice in.”

When treating her patients, Dr. Stone likes to keep them as informed as possible. “I like to share with my patients as I go along – talk about what I am doing and why. I think an informed patient makes a better patient,” she explains. “The more they understand the process, the more likely they are to be involved in their own care.”

According to Dr. Stone, recent advancements have made this a very exciting time to be an optometrist. “New technologies have made it much easier to diagnose and treat eye disease. We’ve seen a lot of progress in many different areas, which is really helping patients.”

As well as giving eye exams, Dr. Stone treats common eye conditions such as dry eye, foreign body removal, and iritis. If she discovers a patient with glaucoma, they are treated by physicians in the Ophthalmology department. “If we uncover any disease that is sight-threatening, we send the patient to one of our ophthalmologists. With some eye diseases like glaucoma, you can feel fine, but that doesn’t mean everything is okay. That’s why it’s important to see your eye doctor regularly.”

Dr. Stone enjoys working in the multi-specialty environment of Reliant Medical Group. “Here, optometrists participate in the total healthcare of the patient, not just the care of the eyes. For instance, using the electronic health record we can tell if a patient came in for their labs or for their diabetic check. It takes more work, but I think having all this information helps make us better doctors.”

In her free time Dr. Stone enjoys family activities with her husband and three children. She also likes to travel, especially to the Caribbean when she can find the time.


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