Thomas Tomczyk, MD - General Surgery

Thomas Tomczyk
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“What I found most appealing about surgery is that you’re allowed to have such a direct impact on someone’s life.”

Asked why he decided to become a surgeon, Dr. Thomas Tomczyk said he found it a very rewarding way to practice medicine. “What I found most appealing about surgery is that you’re allowed to have such a direct impact on someone’s life. In some specialties you spend most of your time working on chronic problems but in surgery you get the chance to help people get better really quickly which I really enjoy.”

In his general surgery practice at Reliant Dr. Tomczyk performs a variety of procedures ranging from hernia operations to colon surgery. He likes to take a minimally invasive approach whenever possible. “Using less invasive techniques, such as with a laparoscope, allows us to achieve an excellent result for the patient including less pain and in most cases a faster recovery,” he explains. “That’s why so many surgeries today are laparoscopic.”

Although he is a committed surgeon, Dr. Tomczyk knows that surgery isn’t always the best option for every patient. “You might have a surgical problem to fix, but there are always other considerations. You have to ask is the surgery truly beneficial to the patient? How will it affect their mobility, their quality of life? It’s important to ask these questions early on in the process.”

In talking with Dr. Tomczyk, it’s clear he loves coming to work each day as a surgeon at Reliant Medical Group. “A great thing about this job is that it gives me the opportunity to meet people who I wouldn’t ordinarily meet and help them directly. Plus I can be there for them every step of the way. When you are a surgeon, every day is also a new challenge and I really enjoy that.”

When he is not busy with his patients Dr. Tomczyk enjoys the outdoors, especially going fly-fishing and also likes spending time with friends and family.


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