William “Zach” Fenn, DPM - Podiatry

William “Zach” Fenn
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“I try to guide each patient into a treatment plan they feel most comfortable with.”

It was his interest in helping people that first led Dr. William “Zach” Fenn to become a podiatrist. “The combined challenge of medicine and my interest in people and my desire to help care for their health needs are fulfilling both professionally and personally. I love being able to use what I’ve learned to make people’s lives better.”

Dr. Fenn is board-certified in foot surgery and foot and ankle reconstruction. His experience includes treating traumatic injuries, diabetic foot infections, sports-related foot injuries, foot deformity, diabetic wound care, ingrown toenails, warts, and many other problems. Dr. Fenn believes in starting with conservative care whenever possible. “There are usually multiple treatments for any one condition,” he explains. “I like to talk to patients about the pros and cons of each treatment and I always encourage them to be a part of the decision-making process. Someone might say, ‘I don’t want an injection, I’m scared of needles.’ That’s fine, as we can try other approaches to solve a problem. I try to guide each patient into a treatment they feel most comfortable with.”

In his practice at Reliant Dr. Fenn says his biggest goal is always to keep people active and on their feet. “I strive to keep people as active as they can be and as pain-free as possible. If your feet are not healthy or causing you pain it’s very difficult to be active. It’s great when you can help someone return to something they love whether it’s playing tennis or even just going for a walk.”

Dr. Fenn enjoys being part of a large, physician-led organization that provides a wide range of services. “At Reliant we have Physical Therapy, Orthopedics, Vascular Surgery, Infectious Disease, and many other specialties under one roof. This allows me to provide more complete and holistic care for my patients. It’s just a great way to practice.”

When he is not seeing patients Dr. Fenn enjoys spending as much time as possible with his wife and two children. He also loves to be outdoors, surfing and traveling, especially around New England.


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