Video Visits – Your Questions Answered

Virtual care through video visits is a convenient, safe, and secure way for you connect with your Reliant caregivers without having to come into the office.  Check out the information below for some answers to frequently asked questions.

What types of appointments can be done via video visit?

More types of medical issues than you may think can be addressed in video visits. For many routine and acute care visits, your healthcare provider can diagnose problems simply by speaking to you and observing you. A video visit can also help determine which problems will require an in-person visit and how urgently the visit should be scheduled.  All primary and specialty care departments at Reliant are performing video visits for adult and pediatric patients. We also offer same-day visits for acute needs through Virtual ReadyMED.

How do I schedule a video visit?

Call your Reliant doctor’s office or send a MyChart message. If a video visit is appropriate, we will schedule an appointment for you during normal business hours. We are also reaching out to patients who already have in-person visits scheduled, and when appropriate, switching the appointment to a video visit.

What will I be charged for the video visit?

Most video visits are covered by insurance companies just like in-office visits are. Contact your insurer to find out about your specific coverage.

Are video visits secure?

Yes. Our video visit technology is secure and follows HIPAA privacy guidelines. The list of all attendees in your visit is always visible to you. Only you, your provider, and people either of you have invited can participate in your video.

Just as in an in-person visit, any data or information you provide in the visit will go straight to your electronic medical record, which is fully protected.

Are video visits available for non-English speakers (including ASL)?

Yes. Reliant utilizes the same telephone and video translation services that we use for in-office visits. For some visits, we will have a 3-way conversation on the phone during the visit among you, your healthcare provider, and the interpreter. You will receive instructions when the visit is scheduled on what to expect.

Are video visits available for the visually impaired?

The visually impaired can benefit from the convenience of video visits as others have. However, it may require the assistance of a friend or family member. The MyChart app is fully accessible to screen readers.

How can my vitals be checked during a video visit?

Many times, patients have the equipment to take their own blood pressure, pulse, weight, and temperature prior to their visit. If you are able to do so, you can share your readings with the provider. If you can’t take your own vitals, we can always do this in-person at a later date, if needed.

What device can I use to do a video visit?

You can use any android or apple iOS smartphone, android or iPad tablet, or Windows and Mac laptops and computers that have a camera.

What technology is used for a video visit?

We offer video visits through SecureVideo and MyChart, our online patient portal.  The Reliant team member that schedules your visit will let you know which video method is available for your appointment and refer you to our Video Visit Instructions page with online directions appropriate to you.

If you are not enrolled in MyChart yet, you can sign up here.  Once in MyChart you can see your test results, send secure email messages to your care team, request medication renewals, and so much more. Eventually you will be able to schedule your own video visit through MyChart.

What If I have trouble setting up the technology?

If you are nervous about the technology or have any issues during set up, don’t worry! Our staff will help you every step of the way.

How should I prepare for a video visit?

  • Find a quiet, private place you’re comfortable in before the visit starts.
  • Try and connect with a strong WiFi signal ((this will also prevent you from having to pay for cell phone data charges if you don’t have an unlimited plan)
  • If you’re using a phone or tablet, try to prop it up so you don’t have to worry about holding it during the visit.
  • Sit in a well-lit area, but do not have a window or bright light behind you (you will be shadowed).
  • Make a list of any concerns you would like to discuss and have your medications ready to review with your provider.
  • If possible, make sure you are running the most updated operating system on your device, which could improve performance.

For some visits, a medical assistant (MA) will call you 15 minutes before your appointment to help with any set up needs. The MA will talk with you about your health status and update your history before you meet with your provider.

Ready to schedule a video visit? Contact your Reliant doctor’s office.