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Five Tips to Prevent Hearing Loss

In our noisy world, it’s easier than ever to suffer hearing damage. These five tips will help you avoid the increasingly common problem of hearing loss.

1. Avoid excessive noise exposure. Whether you listen to an iPod or use a motorized garden tool, you need to be aware that excessive noise can permanently damage your hearing. Wearing hearing protection when necessary and turning down the volume on your MP3 player are key steps in preventing hearing loss.

2. Don’t smoke. Did you know smoking as well as second-hand smoke can contribute to hearing loss? Recent studies suggest that chronic nicotine exposure impairs the brain’s ability to hear and interpret sound. Not smoking is a healthy way to reduce your chances of hearing loss.

3. Prevent diabetes. Those who suffer from diabetes are twice as likely to have hearing loss. Eating healthy, maintaining a proper weight, and daily exercise can help you avoid getting Type 2 diabetes and help protect your hearing.

4. Watch medications. Many drugs can cause permanent or temporary hearing loss. Talk to your doctor if you think any medications you take are contributing to hearing problems.

5. See an audiologist. An audiologist is a licensed health care provider who can spot hearing loss in its early stages. Request a hearing test from an audiologist if you notice any signs of hearing loss.

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