Reliant integrates behavioral health (BH) care for children and adolescents into our primary care offices. When care is integrated, your primary care provider (PCP) and BH specialists work together as a team to provide care for your child.

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What should I do if I have a behavioral health concern for my child?


The first step is always to reach out to your child’s primary care provider. You can bring up your concern while you are in the office for a visit or call to speak with a primary care nurse.

If you are in the office, your PCP may invite a pediatric behavioral health consultant into the room to talk with you. They can give you some ideas and help decide what to do next. Or your PCP or primary care nurse may share your concern with the consultant. They will then contact you to talk about what to do next.

What happens in treatment sessions?  

Treatment is focused on building skills to feel better and working to reach some shared goals.  Your child will have two to eight sessions. These are 30 minutes long and take place in person or virtually. Reliant does not provide long-term therapy.  If your child needs long-term therapy, your team will help connect you with a community BH provider.

How does medication fit into behavioral health treatment? 

Reliant’s behavioral health team includes child psychiatry consultants who are experts on medication. Your child’s care team will work with your family to decide if medication is right for your child.  Your PCP can contact the child psychiatry consultant for help with decisions about prescribing.