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COPD Program at Reliant

Our innovative COPD Program is designed to help COPD patients deal with all aspects of their disease. The program is run by two clinical nurses who facilitate treatment and provide a lifeline for the treatment of this chronic illness.

Personalized care that’s designed to meet your needs

In the program, patients are carefully followed to make sure they are getting the optimum medication regime and are assisted in navigating the various payment options. Nurses are available on the phone to answer questions, communicate with physicians and provide guidance on all aspects of COPD. Patient treatment can also be coordinated with the Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) to make it easier for patients to receive treatment at home.

Pulmonary action plan helps reduce hospitalizations

Patients in the COPD Program receive a Pulmonary Action Plan that outlines their specific treatment plan and required medications. Patients can post the plan on their refrigerator to remind them to take their medications or what to do if they have trouble breathing. Patients are always encouraged to call their nurse before and after they have a problem. Patients also receive an ER card to carry with them with phone numbers of Reliant Medical Group clinical nurses and pulmonary physicians for assistance in case they are admitted to an emergency room. Reliant Medical Group nurses and physicians will even visit the emergency room to consult with staff on proper treatment for patients during exacerbations. Reliant Medical Group also provides a treatment room at the Worcester Medical Center so patients can avoid waiting in the emergency room when they have a problem. Thanks to the Pulmonary Action Plan, hospitalizations for COPD patients have been significantly reduced, reflecting the optimum care the program provides.

A special newsletter to help you stay in touch

The program also features a quarterly newsletter for patients that is filled with information, encouragement and special tips from patients on dealing with COPD. All patients enrolled in the COPD program are required to have a Reliant Medical Group physician as their primary care doctor and/or a Reliant Medical Group pulmonologist. To learn more about Reliant Medical Group’s COPD Program, please call (508) 368-3120 or talk to your primary care physician.


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