If you have any questions about the Office of Education or would like to discuss becoming a student in our teaching program, please don’t hesitate to contact the Office of Education.

RMG Office of Education
Phone: (508)721-1162
E-Mail: RMG_OfficeofEducation@Reliantmedicalgroup.org

Debra LaFiandra
Phone: (508)721-1162
E-Mail: debra.lafiandra@reliantmedicalgroup.org

Suzette Hachey
Phone: (508) 671-4073
E-Mail: suzette.hachey@reliantmedicalgroup.org

Brooke Di Anni, DO
Phone: (508) 832-5917
E-Mail:  brooke.dianni@reliantmedicalgroup.org


To request a rotation, please fill out this form.

For students interested in acquiring observation hours to apply to PT school, please contact:

Chris Braley
Phone: (508) 856-9510
Email: Christine.Braley@reliantmedicalgroup.org

For students already in a PT program, please contact:

Julie Flaherty DPT
(508) 856-9510
Email: Juile.Flaherty@relaintmedicalgroup.org

For OT and Speech Therapy students:

Linda Dylewicz
Phone: (508) 856-9510
Email: Linda.Dylewicz@reliantmedicalgroup.org