“The caliber of the people I have worked with at Reliant is perhaps the best benefit of working for this company and it helps when dealing with the hardest part of my job which is sometimes trying to persuade outside facilities to go above and beyond in certain situations to help us provide exceptional care to our patients. That drive to consistently provide exceptional patient care is one of the most distinguishing aspects of Reliant Medical Group’s culture and it is evident in the gratitude expressed by our patients.  Knowing how much my efforts are helping others is the most rewarding aspect of my job, but my work has also been formally recognized with the Employee of the Quarter award in 2016. 

In just three years of working for Reliant I have been afforded several interesting opportunities for professional growth.  Not only did my current manager hire me for both jobs I have held in the company, but he has continually encouraged me to challenge myself, learn new skills and hone my existing ones.  I have had many opportunities for professional development like working on complex department projects and interdepartmental ones as well as taking formal training like Reliant’s Supervisor Certification Program, etc. One of the most surprising opportunities I have had while working here was having a one on one meeting with our CEO to further discuss an idea I had for improving the company after emailing him the initial proposal. It was an awesome experience that really reflects Reliant Medical Group’s dedication not only to growing the company, but to growing its employees as well.”

Abstractor, Health Information Management
March 28, 2017

“I was getting back into the workforce, and I had been a patient at Southboro Medical Group for many years and thought the people were extremely nice and often wondered what it would be like to work with them. I saw on the website that there were openings and so I took the chance.

Some of the biggest benefits of working here include it being close to home, getting to work with great people, and the chance for advancements. I love the people I work with. It always makes it easier knowing I am going into an environment where I am respected, understood, and I am treated like family. Getting along with your co-workers makes all the administration part of the job seem easier and helps the flow. I get acknowledged almost every day by my co-workers in small ways. I was chosen as an Employee of the Quarter after being nominated by a co-worker. I was very humbled by all of the nice comments and hope I can only continue to reflect what the award represents.

I would recommend anyone to come to work here. I think the people are great. There have been so many changes since I was hired—merging with Reliant was scary at first because I have never been through anything like that before but we made it and it has become a little more interesting. I would refer a friend or foe, for that matter, to work here. It is a great opportunity to get involved with a company that keeps evolving to keep up with the changing healthcare in this country.”

Patient Service Specialist, Counseling Services
April 3, 2017